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Slash your personal and business taxes and keep much more of your money

PFGAP strategic alliance with the foremost tax accounting firm in Nevada, Waite and Associates, CPA. Waite and Associates, CPA is dedicated to developing aggressive, tax-planning strategies that are perfectly legal and produce sizeable tax savings.

For you to drastically reduce by a third, a half, or even more the amount you pay in taxes legally, you need a carefully integrated tax strategy that considers, among other things, your personal finances, your family and dependents, your business structure and operation if you are a professional or business owner, and the impact of state and local taxes.

The first step toward these colossal tax savings is for you to set up a Tax Savings Nevada Corporation. This is a Nevada Corporation separate from any other Nevada Corporations you have for asset protection.

The Tax Savings Nevada Corporation will allow you to split your income to lower your Federal taxes, increase your legal deductions and cut your state taxes.

 Who Should Have a Tax Savings Nevada Corporation?

A Tax Savings Nevada Corporation, combined with tested tax-saving strategies, can help anyone who pays taxes: owners of small businesses, owners and executives of large businesses, medical professionals, investors, hobbyists and entrepreneurs. Specifically those who should take advantage of owning a Tax Savings Nevada Corporation include:

Business owners, especially those with a sole proprietorship, partnership, S-corporation, or LLC Professionals in private or group practice


When you establish your Tax Savings Nevada Corporation you will receive:


Tax Consultation. You will receive up to a two-hour professional consultation with a CPA, to develop a customized, legal, tax-minimization strategy that fits with your personal lifestyle. You may have your current tax advisor be part of this consultation.


Free Tax Review. You will receive a professional review of your business and personal tax returns for the past three years, looking for tax preparation errors that have cost you too much in taxes and for missed opportunities for savings, either of which will trigger a refund. There is no charge for this review, and it could potentially return a sizeable refund.



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