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If you want to do well in the future, do not leave your financial education up to someone else.  The people that are left behind financially are often the people who are stuck in old ways of doing things.  The American Dream is still a reality today, as never before however as our high-tech industries explode worldwide, entrepreneurs have greater access to information critical to their success.  Pay close attention to the “signs of our times’ – High taxes, Rampant Litigation, Federal and State judges seizing assets, Forfeiture or IRS seizure, or even an unexpected negligence or injury claim (justified or not), malpractice suits, divorce, medical bills, lawsuit from a disgruntled business partner and the list goes on and on and on. 

Educate yourself so that you can recognize these annoyances and learn how to maneuver around them with the proper vehicles and proven techniques so that you may avoid these basic pitfalls that may lead to Financial Destruction.  Until recently, only large businesses knew how to use corporations as shields against prying eyes.  Over the years however, word of their effectiveness spread to the TRUE supporters of the American economy – small businesses driven by entrepreneurs like you and me.  With enlightenment and financial education comes opportunity.  Take advantage of more lucrative and secure structuring methods by applying the principles used by big business to your own corporate strategies. Many states allow lawsuits to “pierce the corporate veil,” and enforce personal liability for the debts and actions of the corporation on its officers and directors. Nevada law clearly makes the action of a corporation’s representatives exempt from personal responsibility except in cases of outright fraud.

Nevada’s reputation as the “pro-business state” has developed liberal policies to help its economy thrive. Nevada is like no other state in the country when it comes to keeping commerce within the state and Nevada is the only state able to accommodate those seeking privacy, tax savings, and liability protection all in one. A Nevada corporation is required to list only the names and addresses of its president, secretary, treasurer and director's) with the Secretary of State. One person may hold all of these positions and this one person can be a nominee that we provide, ensuring your complete privacy.

Nevada is also the only state that permits corporations to issue Bearer shares, the form of stock best suited to guarantee the owner’s anonymity.  A Bearer share refers to a corporate share certificate where the registered holder (owner) of the certificate is title to: Bearer.  This makes the certificate transferable in the same manner as cash.  The person who has possession of the Bearer shares of a corporation is legally the owner of the corporation.   This makes it almost impossible for anyone to track down the ownership of your corporation.

 Why Incorporate in Nevada?

Nevada is a pro-business state with minimal reporting requirements and no taxes.

Nevada has consistently been rated #1 as a location for new business and entrepreneurs.     

Specifically here are some advantages for incorporating in Nevada


Asset Protection:  There is no need to risk your personal security.  In Nevada, liability stops with the corporation. A Nevada Corporation can be formed in twenty-four hours.  You do not need to use your Social Security Number to obtain the Corporate EIN number or to open a local corporate bank account.


Nevada:  The Privacy State:  No other state protects the privacy of its corporate owners like Nevada.  Shareholders do not need to register with the state.  Nevada is the only state that allows the use of bearer shares for complete privacy of ownership.


No Taxes:  Nevada has no corporate or personal income tax.  There are no franchise taxes, capital stock tax, or taxes on corporate shares.


No Reciprocity with the IRS:  Nevada is the only state that has consistently refused to exchange confidential information regarding its corporate citizens with the IRS


No Minimum Start-Up Capital Required:  Many states require a minimum of $1,000 or more to capitalize a corporation.  Nevada has no capitalization requirements.  Stock can be issued in exchange for services.



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