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What is an IBC?

An international business company (IBC) is a corporation that is referred to as a company, usually created in a tax haven that is authorized to do business worldwide, excluding the country of incorporation.  For our purposes, we use IBC’s formed in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  They are an independent nation/state.  Specifically, we have offices in Nassau, staffed by local paralegals and attorneys that form and service Bahamian IBC’s.  An IBC is an international operating company, as opposed to a domestic company, such as a Nevada corporation.  The operating structure of an IBC is very similar to the structure of a Nevada corporation, with shareholders, directors, and officers.


Why Go Offshore and Why the Bahamas?

            The Bahamian bank secrecy laws have served as the model adopted by almost all of the offshore havens in the Caribbean.  The Bahamas rely on two industries for their income:  tourism and financial services.  Therefore, it is in their own self-interest to protect their customers’ privacy and assets to maintain their status as one of the most desirable offshore havens.

            In the last few years the offshore business has become very competitive.  Small islands like Dominica and others have begun actively soliciting U.S. citizens for their offshore business hoping to generate revenue for their cash-starved countries.  The Bahamian government is sensitive to this fact and has worked to enforce and strengthen their laws protecting people’s privacy.

Privacy:  People can’t find your offshore assets; The Bank Secrecy Act in the Bahamas is impenetrable.

U.S. Judgments are not recognized offshore: The Supreme Court of the Bahamas does not recognize U.S. court judgments against a company incorporated in their jurisdiction.

Federal Courts have no jurisdiction: U.S. Federal Court judges have no power or authority outside the U.S. borders.  IRS liens are not recognized offshore.  Seizure Warrants from the U.S. Customs service are not recognized offshore.

Elimination of Governmental Interference:  A Bahamian corporation can conduct business anywhere in the world without interference from the Bahamian government.  The annual renewal fee to keep the corporation in good standing is nominal.

Reduction or Elimination of Taxes:  The Bahamas will not tax your corporation.  Proper planning allows for the reduction of any U.S. taxes.

Additional Investment Opportunities:  Many international stock offerings and mutual funds cannot be sold to U.S. citizens, but they can be sold to your offshore corporation with an offshore brokerage account.

There are many uses for an Offshore Company:

The corporation may loan you or your business money and protect certain assets with a mortgage or lien granted as security for a loan.

It may own certain vehicles, boats, or second homes allowing you to segregate these assets from other riskier assets.

With planning, it can protect you from the financial fallout of a divorce.

Visiting your offshore location is always informative and fun.  And for some, it serves as a second home or a retirement hideaway.

For most people, a Nevada corporation will adequately protect their assets. However, for those who desire, or need the maximum in judgment-proof asset protection, especially from a U.S. government agency, an International Business Company (IBC) in the Bahamas is recommended.

The Bahamas is just 60 miles southeast of Miami and is the largest offshore financial center in the Caribbean with more than 300 banks and trust companies. English is the official language and the Bahamas boasts the third oldest democratic system in the world.  The Bahamas was initially settled in 1640 by a group of Englishmen, the Eleutheran Adventurers, who sailed from Bermuda.  The Bahamas has had a Parliamentary government since 1729 and became an independent nation in July 1973.

The Bahamas Investment Authority, operating out of the office of the Prime Minister, was created to stimulate growth in the financial sector and promote foreign direct investment.  The Bahamas have banking and corporate legislation.  The Bahamas Bank and Trust Company Regulatory Act prohibit the unauthorized disclosure of information pertaining to a clients affairs to a third party, without the customer’s written permission.  The secrecy laws are imposed on all Bank and Trust companies, their directors, officers, employees, attorney, auditors, and out-side agents and only by Supreme Court Order can information be supplied about any account.  A fine of $5,000 applies to any person disclosing details of accounts contrary to the Bank and Trust Company Regulatory Act.  On June 10, 1993, the Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs stated, “Bahamas is not only committed to the bank secrecy laws, but to the prevention of intrusion by foreign governments”.

  • The Bahamas have a long history of legal stability.

  • There is no income tax in the Bahamas, no personal income tax and no tax on personal, business or company profits.

  • The Bahamas have no income, capital gains, corporate, estate, profits, sales, value added, gift, or inheritance taxes.

  • IBC’s are an effective way to lower liability insurance coverage.  This can save tens of thousands of dollars in premiums each year.


Generally speaking, an IBC may engage in any lawful activity not restricted by the country of incorporation or the jurisdiction in which it desires to operate.  This would include consulting services, marketing, financial and legal services or other professional services.  Specifically an IBC may:

Engage in Commerce:  An IBC can promote and market goods and services worldwide except as may be restricted under the company act of the country of formation.

Act as a lender:  An IBC can make money by loaning money to individuals or other corporations.  Conversely, it can borrow money.

Own Real Property:  An IBC can take title to property anywhere in the world, unless there are local restrictions.

Open a brokerage or bank account:  In the United States most banks or brokerage firms will require a W-8 Certificate of Foreign Status form generated by the IRS to be filed with the application to open an account.

Act as a trading company:  Via the Internet, an IBC can take orders from customers, do invoicing, complete fulfillment, and drop ship orders.  Profits are then realized in the offshore location that may have a favorable tax structure.



Anyone who have worked hard for their financial rewards, and who want to keep their assets


Anyone who wants privacy and keep their assets out of the reach of lawyers & lawsuits or seizure by government agencies:


Anyone who is the potential target of a lawsuit


Anyone who is facing a costly divorce


Anyone with a high net worth


Anyone paying high premiums for liability insurance


Anyone who is a professional or is a business owners


Anyone who need to keep their financial affairs private


Anyone who is a professionals working abroad


Anyone who owns a company selling products abroad


Anyone needing to separate high-risk investments from other assets


Anyone wishing to buy securities or precious metals not available to U.S. citizens


Artists, inventors, and holders of copyrights, patents, or trademarks



Preparation and filing of the Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association Memorandum of Association, Register of Directors and Officers, Memorandum of Associations and Articles of Association with the Registrar General’s Department of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The Registered Office and Registered Agent will be our Office in Nassau, Bahamas.

Our Nominee will serve as your nominee Officer and Director, unless instructed otherwise.

Stock Certificate's):  We will automatically issue 1,000 Shares representing 100% ownership of the corporation, unless instructed otherwise.

A numbered bank account will be opened in the Cayman Islands without a social security number.     

Your IBC will be formed in approximately 5 business days upon receipt of the fee and paperwork. 


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