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Asset Protection That Works


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We have two business opportunities for significant

income streams.


  • No Merchandise to Purchase
  • No Collections
  • No Employee's
  • No Inventory or Shipments
  • No Customer Risk
  • No Boss
  • Minimal Start Up Cost
  • Generous Sales Compensation
  • Immediate Compensation


At PFGAP we pride ourselves on building a company that is based on integrity, honesty and growth, both personally and financially.  As part of our team, you will have access to all of the information and training needed to ensure your success.  This opportunity will allow you to be in business for yourself, not by yourself.  

All Qualified Representatives are considered independent representatives of PFGAP Consulting Group.  All of PFGAP Consulting Group’s Qualified Representatives must share a strong personal commitment to improve and protect the financial privacy of their clients

PFGAP Consulting Group pays a referral fee  when an individual refers a client to us that purchases one of our products. We save money on advertising and marketing fees and that enables us to pay you directly for any client who purchases an Anonymous Corporation, Tax Savings Corporation, or an IBC.


  • An individual must QUALIFY to become a representative of PFGAP Consulting Group. The initial investment to become a representative is a one-time signup fee of $600 that includes the manuals, seven hours of audio CD's, and phone consultation.  In order to qualify as a representative, a “rep in training” must refer (3) clients that purchase one of our products or have (3) sales, which could come from the same client. 


  • When an individual completes the training process and becomes a Qualified Representative of PFGAP Consulting Group the Qualified Representative will market our products, make contacts, close the sale and forward the paperwork to PFGAP Consulting Group for processing. Once the completed paperwork is forwarded to PFGAP Consulting Group, the qualified representative will have the commission check sent that day, no waiting.


  • PFGAP Consulting Group will provide ongoing services to our Qualified Representatives that include phone consultation and conference calls between you and your prospective client to help you close the sale.


  • PFGAP Consulting Group will assist in the marketing and selling of our products, which is “Privacy through Anonymous Entities”.


  • PFGAP Consulting Group also offers an alternative method in becoming a qualified representative. This method of qualification is designed for an individual to align himself or herself with an existing Qualified Representative who will train, show marketing techniques to close the sales, and offer their personal experiences. 


  • This method of qualification is designed to work the same way as if you were working directly with PFGAP Consulting Group however the extra benefit that you may receive is more one-on-one personalize training.  The initial investment and the sales tools that are provided through your Qualified Representative are the same as referenced above and include all the necessary training tools.


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