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  • You are particularly vulnerable if:

  • You are a doctor,

  • Financial advisor

  • Professional

  • You own any real estate

  • You own a boat or pool

  • You operate a motor vehicle

Do you have a strong interest in protecting your assets?  You’ve worked hard for what you own, and you should have the right to keep them.  Unfortunately, we live in a time when many people to greedy attorneys working on a percentage basis to bureaucrats in many government agencies – are willing to do almost anything to take your assets away from you. 


  • Isn’t it time you learned how to protect yourself and your business by achieving TOTAL asset protection and financial privacy?  Nine out of ten lawsuits in the world are filed in the United States, and a new lawsuit is filed every thirty seconds.  Many lawyers file these suits expecting you to settle (pay them off) rather than go to court.  Government agencies can levy huge fines against your assets because of the actins of one of your employees or partners. The U.S. Customs and certain other government agencies with forfeiture power can seize your home or other assets without due process.

  • Divorce, tax disputes, catastrophic medical bills, negligence or injury claims, and even claims from creditors can all strip away what you own and leave you to start over, deep in a financial hole.

  • Learn how to lower your tax liability, eliminate capital gains taxes and self-employment tax.

  • Learn how to use PROPER asset protection to shield your:  HOME – AUTO – BUSINESS – BANK ACCOUNTS – STOCKS against All Creditors, including the IRS.

  • Prevent IRS Seizures – Lawsuits – Judgment Executions

We at PFGAP would like to show you how you can achieve asset protection and financial privacy by placing your assets legally out of the reach of collection attorneys and government agencies while you maintain full use and control of the assets.  John D. Rockefeller said, “Own nothing and control everything”.  Best of all, this program of asset protection provides far greater flexibility than expensive offshore trusts (that you may already be familiar with) at a fraction of the cost and with equal or greater protection.


Why does anyone need asset protection?90% of all the lawsuits in the world are filed in the United States with a new being filed every 30 seconds.Which do we have more of – Doctors or Lawyers?

o   The American Medical Association lists a total of 650,000 licensed doctors – MDs and Doctors of Osteopathy in the United States and its possessions.

o   The American Bar Association lists 7000,000 lawyers in practice today.

o   There are 67,000 medical students in school and 130,000 law students in school.  With just 5% of the world’s population, America has 80 % of the world’s lawyers.

 A highly successful collection attorney for fifteen years says “I saw people lose everything they had sometimes because of a judgment in a frivolous lawsuit, a mistake a partner or business associate had made and a divorce settlement that favored the other spouse.

 Here is a disturbing fact:  If you own a business or practice as a professional you have one chance in three of being named a Defendant in a lawsuit in the next year.

·    It used to be that a good defense in a lawsuit was that it wasn’t your fault – But not anymore.  REMEMBER the woman who was awarded $2.3 Million in a suite against McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee all over herself. (The award was later reduced but not eliminated.

·    Most lawyers handle these suits on a percentage basis:  Their clients don’t pay them for their time but pay them a third (or more) of the amount received when they win or settle a lawsuit.  In today’s litigious society, if you own anything worth having, one of these lawyers will find a way to come after you.

 Any of the following events could leave you penniless and in debt.

·    A negligence or injury claim – whether justified or not – that exceeds any insurance coverage you may have.  Juries have gone crazy and they make awards that are completely unreasonable.  They may assume they are sticking it to the insurance company but your not allowed to say in court how much insurance you have – You may have a million dollars in liability insurance, but today that may not be enough.

·    A professional malpractice suite – an unhappy client or patient is just one phone call away from a lawyer away from suing you.

·    Lawsuits from disgruntled business partners or employees.  The motto of America is no longer “e pluribus unum” – its “I’m going to sue”.

·    Divorce – The sad fact is that half of all marriages end up in court and judges are usually not kind to the marriage partner with the money.

·    Huge fines for violating a state or federal law because of the actions of an employee.  The fact is there are so many government regulations, nobody knows them all – not event the government lawyers and to make matters worse there are even conflicting regulations.  If you are in compliance with this agency, they your violating the rules of that agency.

·         Claims from creditors should your business fail.  In MOST states a good collection attorney can pierce through the corporate structure and go after you personally.

·      Catastrophic medical bills for a family member.

·      A huge tax bill and escalating penalties following an IRS audit.  In spite of taxpayer bill of rights, the IRS is still an aggressive agency, operating under laws that favor them.  THEY say you didn’t pay enough taxes, THEY add in interest and penalties and it’s up to you to prove them wrong – AND they can SEIZE YOUR ASSETS even though you are contesting the case.

Why take the chance on losing everything that you have.  Under the U.S. Legal System, the deck is stacked in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendant.  This encourages the filing of spurious lawsuits.  That’s why so many lawyers specialize in contingency fee lawsuits – they know that there is a good chance you will settle (pay them off) rather than go to court.

FINAL THOUGHT:  A contingency lawyer ONLY gets paid when there is a judgment or settlement.  They WILL NOT waste time pursuing a case where they can find no assets.


Asset protection and financial privacy is a legal way to put your assets beyond the reach of those who would like to take them away from you.  The BEST way to protect your assets is not to own anything.  If you technically don not own the asset, but merely control it, then the asset is well protected – and you still have the use of it.

·    Your assets are legally owned by a corporation

·    The corporation issues bearer shares.  These are shares of stock that are legally owned by whoever have them in his or her possession.  This means that anyone who DOES NOT have them in his or her possession is not the legal owner, and can so testify in court.

·    Nevada is the only state that permits corporations to issue bearer shares and it is the only state that protects the privacy of the shareholders of the corporation.


The best way to protect your assets is not to own any assets. This flies in the face of the American Dream to own a home, a car or a stock portfolio, however it is when you own an asset that it is vulnerable to attack. The control is you control everything as before with no liabilities. 

·         You protect your assets by setting up a corporate entity to be the owner of your assets that you have total control over.

·    To be effective, asset protection must protect you assets legally and anonymously.  You must set up your asset protection and financial privacy plan in a jurisdiction that supports asset protection. 

·    You must act ahead of time to protect what you own before it comes under attack because once a lawsuit has been filed the law does not allow you to move your assets. 

·    Nevada offers the greatest asset protection and financial privacy available without going offshore.  Nevada is virtually a tax-free state and has a very low cost for establishing and maintaining a corporation. 

·    You may establish and own a Nevada corporation while maintaining complete anonymity. 

·    Nevada is the only state that does not share confidential information about its corporations with the IRS – When the IRS asked for a reciprocity agreement, then-Governor Bob Miller not only told them to get lost, he held a public press conference to do it. 

·    Nevada is the only state that permits bearer shares.

 Why a corporation for your vehicle.

·        Under the law, a corporation is an artificial “person”, completely separate from the people who own and operate it.  This is different from an individual or sole proprietorship where the owner bears full and complete financial responsibility for his actions.

·    Because it is an independent entity a corporation’s debts and taxes are separate from those of its owners, officers, and directors.

·    A corporation provides an individual, whether in business, salaried, or on commission, with the greatest personal liability protection.  Private corporate lives are never made public.

·    A Nevada corporation is required to list only the names and addresses of its president, secretary, treasurer and directors with the Secretary of State.  One person may hold ALL of these positions and this one person can be a nominee that we provide, ensuring your complete privacy.

·    Nevada law clearly makes the action of a corporation’s representatives exempt from personal responsibility except in cases of outright fraud.  Many other states now allow lawsuits to “pierce the corporate veil” and enforce liability for the debts and actions of the corporation on its officers and directors.

·    Nevada is the only state that permits corporations to issue bearer shares, the form of stock best suited to guarantee the owner’s anonymity.  The person who has possession of the bearer shares of a corporation is legally the owner of the corporation.  This makes it almost impossible for anyone to track down the ownership of your Nevada Corporation.

 Other Benefits of Nevada Corporations:


No corporate income tax


No reciprocity or exchange of information with the IRS


A Nevada corporation and a corporate bank account can be set up without disclosing your Social Security number


Shareholders and directors need not be residents of Nevada (or even U.S. citizens) and do not need to come to Nevada to form the corporation


A Nevada corporation can own property in any state without having to be incorporated in that state


Director and shareholder meetings may be held anywhere in the world


A Nevada corporation can be formed in twenty-four hours


The Nevada Secretary of State advertises some of the many advantages of incorporating in Nevada



One full year of resident agent and registered office service for you corporation


Up to 25,000 shares of stock authorized for immediate use including Bearer Shares available only with a Nevada corporation


A one year consulting membership allowing you to call a toll-free number to ask unlimited questions of our corporate paralegal specialists


You’re corporate record book and a copy of Bulletproof Asset Protection



Nominee officer/director, providing the greatest privacy and anonymity


A federal tax identification number required if bank account is opened.


A Nevada bank account—your name and Social Security number is never disclosed


 DISCLAIMER: Positive Financial Group Asset Protection, Inc, and their agents cannot and will not render any legal or tax advice of any kind, unless said agent is duly licensed by the applicable state and/or federal authority to give said advice.



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